Im so speechless.... i cudn't talk at all....erm..its has been almost A year i m out frm this so-called blogging world..lot of things going on rite now..however, for the time being, i m happy with my life.. i m with my career and of coz i m abviously happy with the way i am..i m so grateful..Allhamdulillah!!

Guys, really sorry coz ewan dah lame sgt stop blogging... i need some air n space utk bernafas atas all yg dah berlaku...ape yg dah lepas tu, biar kn la...yg penting..Kerjasama..opsss..hehehe..yg pnting ewan kene move forward n chase career yg ewan nk....

skrng ni pon ewan dah dpt ape yg ewan nk...hehehe... but yet, ade lagi 2@3 perkare yg belum tercapai, i hope dlm tahun 2010 nie, smua tu akn dlm genggaman ewan....muahaha (mati la ko ewan kene kutuk ngan bloggers coz Riak n takbur!!!)

anyway, starting by this very 1st 2010 entry, ewan akan start active smula dlm blogging n i promise u that i will post lots of things..just wait n see eh....owh ye, ewan may be tukar template blog bru i m still in the midst of considering it..yet!!! huhu..

Rite now ewan tgh belek2 magazine guess what????? hehehe

korunk ade nk suggest mane2 interior magazine yg best n sesuai utk ewan refe??
coz ewan ade gak refer pd magazine magazine kat ats ni cam best je..hahahaha

ok lew...see ya on my next enrty....chow chiow!!!!

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